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About your terms of supply. What your business terms should cover.

What’s in a Supply Agreement? The essential terms of this kind of contract.

Is it a contract, if it has another name? What is a Memorandum of Understanding, Heads of Agreement, Letter of Intent or a Terms Sheet?

Resolving a management deadlock. Ways to break a deadlock in a company, partnership or joint venture.

Tenant’s rights in the Retail and Commercial Leases Act – Part 1. The statutory rules that apply to retail shop leases.

Tenant’s rights in the Retail and Commercial Leases Act – Part 2. Additional statutory rules that apply to shops leased in retail shopping centres.

Option contracts over land. What such contracts should include.

Good Commercial Contracts. Avoiding classic contract mistakes.

Personal Property Securities Act 2009 – Things to know – an overview and the practical impacts of this Act for non banking clients.

Commercial releases – issues to consider when settling a commercial dispute.

Electronic marketing and Spam – when are you prohibited from electronic marketing?

Starting your own business – a legal survival guide – the key legal issues to deal with.

Verification of identity in conveyancing transactions – An overview of South Australia’s Verification of Identity Policy for conveyancing transactions.