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Spectra QEST

After having used a number of other legal firms, I am happy to say that in Crawford Legal we have found a firm that provides us with sound legal advice, balanced with a good understanding of the commercial aspects of the software industry. In addition, we have greatly appreciated the active interest that Crawford Legal’s team has taken in the development and growth of our business.

Crawford Legal provides the perfect balance for Spectra QEST, giving in depth advice when appropriate, while at other times, delivering quick and efficient reviews to minimise legal costs on our smaller contracts. Their service has always been extremely professional, and very responsive when timelines are tight including in respect of advice on intellectual property protection, domestic and international software contracts, and mergers & acquisitions.

Crawford Legal has made dealing with our ever changing legal challenges a positive experience. I am confident that Crawford Legal will be a valuable partner as we continue to grow our business both in Australia and internationally.

Michael Sautner
Director, Finance & Infrastructure
Spectra QEST

About Spectra QEST

Spectra QEST is a software development and services company specialising in solutions for the construction materials testing and production industries. It has lead the world in the development and implementation of software solutions for the quality control of construction materials and soils for more than a quarter of a century. Spectra QEST’s clients include leading international construction companies, construction materials and geotechnical testing companies, construction materials manufacturers, and government bodies in Australia, the United States, New Zealand and the Middle East.